Permits & Notifications

Tent Permit and Tent Notification requirements are changing constantly. The information listed below is subject to change and with information always changing, the information might be incorrect, but our team works hard to do our best to keep the information as accurate as possible.

Indicated next to each town/township, it will list if either a residential and/or commercial property requires a tent permit and/or notification. If we have spoken with a representative at the town/township, then below will indicate if a customer is able to obtain the permit/notification.

For additional information or questions, please speak with one of our Event Specialists or contact the town/township directly.

A customer must not go off of this list entirely to determine if a permit and/or notification is required.

INDIANAPOLIS (commercial):

  • Notification for all tents 40′ x 80′ or smaller
  • Permit required for all tents larger than 40′ x 80′

BROWNSBURG (commercial)

CARMEL (commercial)

  • Event and/or Sign Permit is not included with a tent permit. The event and/or sign permit is additional and is a completely different process that the customer must obtain.

GREENWOOD (commercial)

LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP (residential & commercial)

NOBLESVILLE (residential & commercial):

  • Tents over 400 sq. ft. require an inspection
  • Customer can obtain through Town of Noblesville
      • Click ‘Temporary Use’ and select ‘apply’ to get started

PLAINFIELD (residential & commercial):

  • Customer can obtain through Town of Plainfield
      • Top left-hand corner to get started: ‘Click Here to Apply’

SPEEDWAY (residential & commercial):

  • All long-term rentals must be approved by John Merritt, Building Commissioner prior to reserving. Customer must call John Merritt and receive approval prior to receiving a quote: 317-246-4121.

Additional Information:

  • Tent permits and tent notifications are a customer’s responsibility to determine if one is needed and/or to obtain. All fees associated with the tent permit and/or tent notification to be paid for by the customer.
  • If the customer wants to obtain the permit/notification for the tent, then Hoosier Tent & Party Rental is NOT responsible for the permit/notification, or any fees associated.
  • If Hoosier Tent & Party Rental has to make an additional trip(s) out for the tent/event, then an additional delivery fee and possibly other fees will be applied each time.
  • Customer is responsible for paying any fees or fines associated with the tent/event.
  • A customer must not go off of this list entirely to determine if a permit and/or notification is required. Contact the town/township directly for the most accurate information.

Information is subject to change. It is a customer’s responsibility to not go solely off the information listed on this page as the information and requirements are changing constantly. Customer is advised to contact the town/township directly regarding all permit and notification requirements.